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Full finger is an electronic Music group that performs with live music and visuals. They are heavily influenced by breakbeat, triphop, and alternative electronic music. Their visual identity ranges from abstract geometric patterns to grungy organic shapes.


Thumb has been producing music since he was 13 years old, gaining inspiration from his interest and interaction with strange people living on the edges of society. He has been studying art school and electronic music, but decided to fuck the system.


It is pinky that he found in 2013 on the absolute edge of this society, where she was running in circles. Sharing Thumbs interest in eccentric individuals, They started working together. Pinky has studied music and recently graduated art school with a social experiment.


After a total of 6 years, they decided it was time to finally merge the two underworlds together and create a baby of the non fleshy kind, resulting in a live show with music and visuals.




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